Shopsmith Repair | Our Services
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Shopsmith Repair and Woodworking Academy Specializes In Shopsmith Machine Repairs and Expert Woodworking Classes

Why Shopsmith Repair – Woodworking Academy in Raleigh?

Here at Shopsmith Repair in Raleigh, we are your go to for shopsmith repair.  We specialize in shopsmith repair services and woodworking advice and training. For years, I was the primary service center for the East Coast in Raleigh, with a only a few others in existence. Locations including Utah, Alaska, UK and Canada, some only accepting older machines. Since then other repair shops have opened and claim they are the leading experts, yet only have a few years experience. With my 30+ years of Shopsmith experience, I can comfortably say that I am a top expert in my field. My experience has allow me to build my knowledge and tools, plus my natural high aptitude for mechanical engineering I use Shopsmith brand parts and sometimes my own selection of brand when appropriate. For example, I use sealed bearings instead of shielded bearings (as provided by the factory) for their dust resistance and lifespan. I am able to offer the most affordable service/repair. Yet, still the highest quality simultaneously. Anyone can read a manual and watch a tutorial. But if you want an authorized professional with commitment to value and your experience, then look no further.

What we offer:

  • Regular maintenance, emergency repair, full overhaul
  • Woodworking Advice & Training
  • I guarantee your machine will match the factory on parts/labor warranty, unless the issue is something I haven’t worked on with your machine.
  • For no charge, I will sit down and show you what you want to see and advise you on how to move forward. As well as answer any additional questions.
  • No closed curtains, I am here to educate, offer my services and put Shopsmith owners at ease.

Why Shopsmith Brand Parts?

  • Shopsmith offers a 2 year warranty on their parts/labor (which I match)
  • Shopsmith’s quality control department is outstanding. Headed up by Jim McCann. He will work together with Masters on tough situations. As will even make changes on parts from results and feedback he receives, and is quite a Master Woodworker himself.
  • Just like car part manufacturers, budget parts cost more in the long run. The same goes for these machines. That’s why they can offer such a warranty.