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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Headstock Repair Services

Q: How much do you charge for a Repair or Inspection?

A: We charge $30 per 1/4 hour in 5 minute increments ($120/hour), plus a small shop fee and parts

Q: What's your Average Repair time?

A: Our average repair time for a headstock would be about 3 hours as we inspect all aspects of your headstock including the motor bearings.

Q: What are Typical Repair Costs?

A: Total cost for headstock repair runs from under $350 to $800, but this cost can go up if you have other major components bad.

Q: What are the costs to repair belt sanders, jointers and bandsaws?

A: Belt Sander Repairs runs from $200 and up, this includes new bearings. We do maintain a stock of parts to fix the tracking problem with the Belt Sander. Jointer and Bandsaw cost vary depending upon what parts are needed and how long the repair takes.

Q: Do you service anything besides belt sanders, jointers, and bandsaws?

A: We proudly service ALL of the Shopsmith SPT’s (Special Power Tool) or accessories.

We repair your headstock right the first time

for customers to woodwork for life!

TYPES OF REPAIRSWe service all issues for all types of headstocks

Headstock Overhaul/RepairFull overhaul and repair


Dismantle Headstock

Inspect/Clean ALL Parts & Headstock Body

Reassemble & Perform Diagnostics

Paint Headstock Body & Replace Stickers

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Electric Motor Inspection/RepairThe major cost in headstock repair

$125(and Up)

Dismantle Motor

Inspect Winding & Parts

Replace Bearings and Damaged Parts

Reassemble & Run Diagnostics

Full Motor Replacement: $400

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Special Power Tool/Accessory RepairRepair other tools you need to complete your Woodworking projects


Dismantle Machine

Inspect & Clean Parts

Replace damaged Parts

Reassemble & Run Diagnostics

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The Shopsmith Repair Method

The anatomy of a typical headstock repair

anatomy of repair
Clean shopsmith
Anatomy of Motor Repair


We clean, soak, scrub, sand, spray, brush and file until your machine is spotless!

We clean your:


Idler Shaft





Speed Control





1) The first thing we check is the Motor which is the most expensive item in your headstock. Additionally we’ll replace motor bearings with ones that are sealed on both sides (made in USA).

2) Next we check the Internal Start Switch in the motor and Capacitor, replacing if necessary.

3) Then we fully disassemble the headstock including the Quill Advance Shaft with spring (if necessary).

4) Next we clean Sheaves, Speed Control Assembly and Speed Dial with our ultrasonic cleaner. Other parts are cleaned with liquid brake cleaner spray.

5) We remove accumulated dirt and grease with wire wheel from the Quill/Spindle and Quadrant Teeth (Part of your Speed Control Assembly).

6) After cleaning, we wash the parts with water and dry with the air hose. Once clean, we inspect each part for wear and determine whether it requires replacement or servicing.

7) Next we clean accumulated dirt and sawdust inside the headstock housing with a rag and air hose (to ensure the best operation we also rigorously clean the Quill/Spindle area with liquid break cleaner along with the Belt Cover and Motor Pan).

8) We then wax the Quill/Spindle and it’s housing inside your headstock. Waiting for 5 minutes and then wiping off the excess wax from both, this ensures the quill/spindle will smoothly glide as it rotates and lasts a long time in your headstock).

9) Next we re-assemble all parts in the headstock, replacing missing/damaged parts (if your repair exceeds our average repair cost we’ll call to get approval before proceeding). We’ll replace stickers if wording has changed or if they are damaged/worn.

*Note: We only use New Factory (Shopsmith brand) parts during our repairs this includes the Power Switch, Power Cord, Idler Shaft and Control Sheave with it’s bearing). In cases where the customer wants to reduce overall price I will offer a used Shopsmith part that I have refurbished (if inventory allows).

10) Lastly we do a full running test of the completed headstock. First we check speed settings on the unit ensuring your RPMs match each setting based on Shopsmith Factory Standards. The correct way it to set Fast to 5200 RPMs (per the Factory) and then check several letters to verify they are the correct speed. We use a digital tachometer for this. Finally we run from Slow to Fast checking for any strange noises that may require further calibration.

*For an extra fee we’ll apply a fresh coat of paint to your headstock, please let us know if you’d like this before we begin the repair/overhaul.

Installing Sheaves 2
Installing Eccentric
Anatomy of Motor Repair