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New video to make shipping even easier!

We produced this video to clear up any questions about shipping your headstock to us. We’ve seen it all so follow our instructions to make sure your machine doesn’t get damaged! Best of luck and we look forward to repairing/overhauling your Shopsmith Headstock or SPT!

Revised Boxing Instructions!

We have updated our boxing instructions once again due to availability of boxes and some headstocks we have seen come in to us. Long story short, you can visit our Shipping page for all the updates. Here’s a few bullet points to help you send your headstock safely. Remove the handle or it will get […]

We are still open!

We want you to know we are still accepting and repairing headstocks during this pandemic. Covid-19 has caused quite a stir and lots of businesses were forced to hault but Shopsmith Repair is still going strong. Actually recently we’ve had an uptick in repairs. Looks like those quarantined at home are doing more woodworking. For […]

New Headstock Repair Page

We just added a Headstock Repair Page to This page is filled with Frequently Asked Questions, types of headstock services, description of repair methods & everything we take care of. If you haven’t yet visited our new Headstock Repair page, go to for more info! Once you do, you’ll quickly realize why we […]