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Need to remove your headstock from it's base?

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We’re not liable for packages lost in shipping. We always purchase shipping insurance for $1200 value. Make sure you have your tracking number and that your box is scanned before you let the carrier take your package.

How to package and ship your headstockStep by Step Instructions

Prepare Headstock For ShippingIn 4 easy steps

1) Preparation

  • Start by purchasing a Lowe’s 18-in W x 16-in H x 18-in D Medium Heavy Duty Cardboard Moving Box. You can find online HERE.

  • Using plastic wrap/stretch wrap to cover the way tube holes of your headstock to prevent packing peanuts from entering your machine. Alternatively if you don’t have any plastic wrap, you can bag your machine up in an ordinary kitchen trash bag, tying it securely so debris can’t enter.

  • Remove the quill advance handle from your headstock and attach it to the side of your machine with strong tape.

2) Wrapping

  • Wrap with bubble wrap horizontally around the quill, drive hubs and handles generously (2 layers worth) then tape it so that it stays tight. Then wrap vertically for extra cushion (1 layer)

  • For this step, we suggest “Duck Brand Large Bubble Wrap Roll, 5/16″ Large Bubble Cushioning, 12″ x 15′” from It can be found online HERE. (Alternatively you can purchase Heavy Duty bubble wrap from your local UPS, FedEx, Uhaul store)

3) Packaging

  • Now that your machine is wrapped, you’ll need heavy duty styrofoam peanuts. Do not use the biodegradable option because they crush very easily and provide little support. We suggest “StarBoxes Packing Peanuts Pink Anti Static – 3 cuft. Bag”, from You can find it online HERE. (Alternatively you can purchase Heavy Duty packing peanuts from your local UPS, FedEx, Uhaul store)

  • Prepare your heavy duty box with at least 6 inches of heavy duty styrofoam in the bottom. Set the bubble wrap covered headstock into the box with the back side DOWN. (The front is the side with the speed control) Also be sure the QUILL is facing the SIDE of the box not the corner. Now fill the rest of the box to the top with peanuts.

  • (Please do not use newspaper or scraps to fill the box or else your chance of damage to the headstock is high. Also please do not build a wooden box for shipping.)

4) Documentation and Shipping

  • Place your Headstock Repair Information Sheet in the box with all the required information which includes Name, Address, Phone, Email, Serial # and a short description of the issues you’re experiencing. You can download it HERE.

  • Seal the box with packing tape and your ready to ship.

  • When ordering your shipping label we suggest FedEx or USPS. Estimate the weight at 60 lbs and make sure to insure your package for at least $1,200. If you followed the instructions here on this page your machine will almost certainly arrive in great shape.

Ship Via UPS Ground or FED EX Ground

Ship via UPS Ground or FED EX Ground or USPS Ground to: Shopsmith Repair – Woodworking Academy, 6325 Rushingbrook Dr. Raleigh, NC 27612

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How to Remove Your HeadstockSteps 1-3

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Step 1: Unlock Headrest Lock (Way Tube Lock)

Unlock the headrest lock so you can begin the process.

Step 1.1: Position Saw Table

If not already installed, install saw table. Position the saw table 6 inches from the pivot end of the base. Position headstock 6 inches from the table legs.

Step 1.2: Lower Table

Lower the table until it’s legs are even with the the bottom of the bench tubes and lock table into place.

Step 1.3: Lock Headstock into place

Turn Headstock Lock clockwise to lock into place.

Step 2: Remove Way Tube Tie Bar (End Cap)

Raise the machine to drill press mode (to a vertical position).

Step 2.1: Loosen up set screws

Loosen up the set screws on the Way Tube Tie Bar (they’ll either be located on the top or bottom)

Step 2.2: Remove End Cap

Gently tap end cap with piece of wood and/or rubber mallet to remove it, taking care not to bind it diagonally on the tubes, it can break. Once the end cap is removed, lower the machine back to regular operating mode.

Step 3: Positioning Table to Remove Headstock

Place a board on lower bench tubes directly underneath where table legs rest.

Step 3.1: Raise Table

Raise the table until the bench tubes are at an angle where you can remove the headstock. The end of the way tubes should be 12 inches from the top of the base. Leave 2 inches between the bottom of the machine and the base to be safe.

Step 3.2: Tighten/Unlock

Once you have the angle right, tighten the table lock. Then unlock the headstock lock.

Step 3.3: Remove Headstock

Now you are ready to remove the headstock by sliding it off the way tubes.